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2018 Baseball Treasure “COMPLETE SET”. 30 Copper Coins & Cards


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This is a  COMPLETE SET   30  1 oz.  Copper Round Coins & Cards,   from  "2018 BASEBALL TREASURES"  design ,,....The coins are a standard 39mm in size... (just a little bigger than a Morgan Dollar)....Placed in a thick cardboard Player card (as thick as the coin)  with the players number, team and position on it.......It is an official MLB sanctioned item that will be a true collectible in the future....THIS SET HAS THE RARE "RETAIL" PACK OF MOOKIE BETTS IN IT.(see the added scan) Instead of the regular issued coin/card that is in the picture...


These Card/Coins are 1 per pack,  cut open and carefully removed for pictures, then put back in the open pack for sale, they  are originally in a 36 pack oversized box  (boxes & packs of 2018 are sold out!!!!) .  But the packs do bounce around in the box so there might be some minor wear on the coin and or card, such as small dings, rubs or hairline scratches. 

P&H is $14.50......Then this COMPLETE  copper Coin & Card set will be shipped  wrapped and packed in a priority box with bubble wrap and/or popcorn  for protection........It is from a smoke free home, email with any questions, ..... Now with over 500+ choices of copper rounds in my store.......THE LARGEST SELECTION  ANYWHERE......This was a perfect addition to my copper choices..


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