JEFFERSON NICKEL 3 Folder H. E. HARRIS Album Set 1938 -2025 with STARTER roll


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img{max-width:100%}This is a 3 volume set of  BRAND NEW   H.E.Harris & Co Jefferson Nickels Coin Folders…..PLUS A 40 COIN “STARTER” ROLL…

…..They are  Vol.1—1938-1961,……… Vol.2—1962-1995,………. then Vol.3 is the NEW  issue starting 1996 that has printed dates to 2024 with blank slots to go til 2025……
…..Nickels are unique, as they are really the only type of coins that you can have a chance of finding all of them in circulation….Great start for the kids..
..Check out the STARTER roll specs listed below.
It will begin with a 1939
several older dates in the 1940’s
even a silver nickel
will have all diff. dates from each of the 3 folders
no duplicates
They will include at least one of the new Westward Journey nickels

and stop at 2005….because the ones with the new coin design from 2006 are easier to find..

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