1/4 oz. MORGAN DOLLAR Design Copper Round Coin


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This is a 1/4 oz. .999 pure Copper Round, MORGAN DOLLAR  design, from Golden State Mint, ….this coin is just a little bigger than a quarter.. This is not a real coin, but a copper piece that is 27mm in size…


This is a pre-covid (2018) copper round that has the old style proof like backgrounds and some Cameo effects.  The new post-covid (2021) coppers do not have this quality anymore...AS OF 03/01/2022 THESE 1/4 OZ COPPERS HAVE BEEN DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!!

This copper coin will be shipped in a coin flip with an insert, email with any questions,… See my store now for over 500+. copper choices…..  .THE LARGEST SELECTION ANYWHERE…

Copper is a soft metal. I try to ship the best I can find. BUT, These rounds are made in and shipped in Bulk from Various Mints. So there may be small imperfections on them, such as dings and small scratches, especially on the proof like ones.



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Weight1 oz
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