RAND PAUL 1 oz. Copper Round 2011 AOCS Coin LEARN TO BARTER


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This is a 1 oz. .999 pure Copper Round,  2011  RAND PAUL   design,…An AOCS  Copper Round from  2011 that is  hard to find…The  Reverse  says “LEARN TO BARTER”  .…see the scans..  Fantastic Copper Bullion Coin… And Yes, This is not a real coin but a copper bullion piece that is 38mm in size….THESE  COPPER COINS WILL HAVE SOME LIGHT SCRATCHES IN THE SIDE FIELDS NEXT TO HIS HEAD.……..When they were made they were put 250 coins loose in  bags and shipped that way….


Each 1 oz. copper coin will be shipped in a coin flip with an insert for labeling, email with any questions,…., Now with 500+ choices of copper rounds listed in my store…..  THE LARGEST SELECTION ANYWHERE….

Copper is a soft metal. I try to ship the best I can find. BUT, These rounds are made in and shipped in Bulk from Various Mints. So there may be small imperfections on them, such as dings and small scratches, especially on the proof like ones. 

AOCS  stands for American Open Currency Standard.  And a special note as to these AOCS rare coppers, back in 2010-2012 at the beginning of the copper bullion craze, the mints did NOT take care of these bullion pieces, the majority of them will have some small surface imperfections on them.  But I will try to ship the best I can. 

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