2020 MOLON LABE #3 1 TROY oz. Copper Round “300 SPARTAN”


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This is  the #3 coin in the 10 coin Set of  new  1 TROY oz. .999 pure Copper Rounds,  from the ...”MOLON LABE COLLECTION” ...,    Beautiful high relief  “300” inspired obverse ..The Reverse is the new TROY oz. reverse with the date 2020 in Roman style “MMXX”…. This is a low mintage custom minted copper that very few sellers have…

Each 1 oz. copper coin will be shipped in a coin flip with an insert for labeling, email with any questions,……. Now with  500+ choices of copper rounds listed in my store…..THE LARGEST SELECTION ANYWHERE…


This is a deluxe copper round Coin with FANTASTIC artwork.  See my other artwork coppers from this mint in the WILD WEST LEGENDS SERIES,  the VINTAGE HORROR SERIES, the CRYPTOZOOLOGY SERIES, and the LATIN ALLURE SERIES…

Copper is a soft metal. I try to ship the best I can find. BUT, These rounds are made in and shipped in Bulk from Various Mints. So there may be small imperfections on them, such as dings and small scratches, especially on the proof like ones.

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Weight3 oz
Dimensions2 × 2 × .4 in
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