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NIC A LENE Coin Cleaner NEW Sealed STEEL CENTS Nickels


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SquareTrade © AP6.0This is a new Sealed bottle of  NIC - A - LENE,  ,Coin Cleaner for most coins....A very good STEEL CENT restorer (See the scans)....You should not clean coins as a general rule, but if they are really bad then you can improve a worthless coin to at least something with some appeal and value.

..I put the solution in a copper medallion tube top, then added the coin and let it bubble and do its thing for about 2-3 min.  Then took it out and with a stiff toothbrush brushed off the dirt and corrosion. The scans are of the exact coin that was done this way.....They could have been done a second time or left in longer to improve them even more but I wanted to show this example on how good this works....This same solution can be used for about 3 coins before it will lose its power. ...This bottle should provide solution for more than 100 coins..

..P&H is  $3.75.....new rate for 2021.....Will be sent wrapped and in a solid box for protection...




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